Random craftyness

23 November 1982
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I'm a bright energetic female who supports a very large craft addiction. I sew, My interests are in baby items like blankets, bibs, boppies, bottle holders, Stuffed animals, pillows, general sewing crafts, do needle crafts, cross stitch, paint by numbers, making molds with Plaster of pairs And I Collect craft items to do later but end up hoarding them, and I have a whole back bedroom turned into my art room, and I still have no place to craft due to lack of room hehe.

I am currently into sewing baby bibs and baby blankets to give to charity but I hope to sell them soon. I wish to eventually take sewing lessons again so I can further expand my sewing interests.

I have great hopes of being able to sell my crafts, but we'll see.

I am also an avid reader, a computer aholic, and a fan of chat livejournal and message boards and communities. I am also an amateur photagraphist, specializing if you will, in scenic shots, animal shots, still lifes, and just about everything else that seems photogenic at the momen. I dabble in amateur wood working too.

I am basically very creative, very crafty, and there's just to much about me to sufficiently cover it all with out "yacking ears off".